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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 9, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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to create jobs and cut the spending in washington. >> these are the kind of issues we are going to talk with him about so we can find common ground so we can see jobs grow. >> tea party revolt. house republicans suffer an embarrassing vote after the tea party blocks an extension of key porss of the patriot act. day 16 in cairo. the protests grow larger. opposition groups will not retreat despite a sharply worded warning from egypt's vice president. let's move. michelle obama works to get kids to eat healthy and be active. her husband has stopped smoking. >> all the women in my husband's life want him to be healthy. >> is it possible he is going into the lincoln bedroom and
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sneaking a smoke? >> no. you can tell. plus controversy divides conservatives ahead of their annual convention as cpac faces boycott for including gays. let's do lunch. the president invites the top republican leaders for lunch. on the menu, budgets, taxes, the debt ceiling and maybe the failure to renew the patriot act for dessert. let's bring in chuck todd, co-host of the daily rundown and kelly o'donnell. you guys aren't having lunch because they are having lunch. there is a lot to cover here. >> they won't let us in. >> they won't let you in. first to you, chuck, on the president's agenda. what is he willing to give, if anything, in this first sit down with republicans? >> this is the first time they have gotten together. the president has a pretty good working relationship or at least in the last few months with the
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senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. the same thing cannot be said with boehner, cantor and mccarthy. with mccarthy this is a get to know you session. he is not going to give too much on what is coming in the budget. that is going to be part of this conversation. then, of course, what happened last night? it wasn't just tea party republicans but a majority of the president's own party thwarting on the patriot act. the big one is debt limit, talking about what the budget is going to look like. to see really are they going to do tax reform, are they going to do real deficit reduction or play politics for the next year. >> well, kelly o'donnell, eric cantor slammed the president last night looking at his chamber of commerce speech saying he shouldn't be demanding
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a quid pro quo from business. what was that about? that didn't set the tone for lunch? >> reporter: sharp but not surprising criticism from cantor. the president telling business it must respond to what washington wants. the president has had a chilly relationship with business. with bill dailey the new chief of staff part of the luncheon. he brings business savvy to the white house. that might be something they bring up and talk to each other part. cantor wanting to reach out to the republican strong hold among business leaders with that jab. when we talked to john boehner about his relationship with the president he points out it is cordial, but they don't know each other very well. this very first meeting takes on more importance because you have leader with strong, powerful
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positions and don't know each other very well in a setting that should bring about a personal connection even if they disagree sharply on issues. it might be good for both sides to have a bit more of the face-to-face time where they can see each other in dimensions other than their opposition on so many issues. republicans want to bring the business interests. tomorrow they will unveil plans to cut the budget, big cuts. that is something the president wants to know. will they show their cards? we want to see when we hope they will talk to us after this luncheon. >> as you know, john boehner talked to some of you guys on the hill before going in to the white house, before comes to the white house. this is what he had to say about the budget priorities from their perspective. >> next week we expect the president to outline his budget. i'm concerned it will have too much spending, too much taxing and too much borrowing. those are the kind of activities
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that cause employers to sit on their hands and protect their pocketbook because of the uncertainty that continues to be created by this administration. >> before i let you guys go, i really want to get your takes on jim webb. the one-term, first term senator from virginia announcing he is not going to seek re-election. kelly and chuck, chuck, first to you, what is your read? george allen the former senator said he is interested in running. there will be pressure on tim kaine the former governor of virginia and dnc chair to run and he said in the past he didn't want to run. >> reporter: it is a surprise. he is very much, if you look at his career in public service and in private sector life over the last 30 years, he is very much a restless soul. six years in one place doing the same job long time for jim webb. so in many cases for him to make that personal decision is not surprising. look, there is a little bit of a
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candidate problem for democrats now. virginia, this is not -- this makes life a little easier for george allen. not a lot easier. george allen only got 52% in 2000 the first time he ran when he had a 60% popularity rating when chuck robb was a flawed nominee. virginia is a tough state for either party to walk away with. the pressure is on tim kaine. he was adamant, he told jim webb i'm not going to run. don't feel better about not running because you think i'm going to be there. let's see what happens when the president puts pressure on tim kaine to do that. i don't think the tim kaine thing is over until after filing deadline. i would expect a crowded primary. >> this is what kaine said on our show.
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>> if jim webb does not run would you consider that senate race? >> no. i have a tough job right now. i like what i'm doing and the president wants me to do. no. my full expectation is i'm going to be supporting a great virginia democrat and i believe it is going to be jim webb for the senate seat. >> not so much. we have to see what happens as, chuck, you point out, when the president of the united states says, tim, you have to do this for the good of the party. remember that race in virginia was one of the last ones that finally got resolved. how close was it? >> reporter: today is jim webb's 65th birthday. he did this on his birthday. it is a reminder adds to why he did it. he didn't want to be in the senate until he was in his 70s. >> medicare and social security await. get it while it is still there. thank you very much, chuck todd and kelly o'donnell on capitol
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hill. join chuck and savannah at 9:00 eastern for "the daily rundown." egypt day 16 of protesting, no sign of either side backing down. tens of thousands of people protested in the square and in front of the parliament. sympathy strikes is a new phase of the uprising. the white house is pushing the egyptian government to do more to address the opposition demanding. vice president suleiman says they are running out of patience and may use police to break up the protests. john heilman joins us now. administration efficients say they are not happy with what suleiman has done. the government is making it hard for journalists to cover this by insisting they leave the square,
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go get a press card and back in the square. in fact, they are not distributing the press cards. they are organizing, systematic way of blocking coverage. >> there are some specific things, the times reported that one of the things vice president biden was pressing with suleiman was to ease up on the way the government has dealt with the protesters and with foreign and local journalists there. it is a very -- this situation is obviously very fluid. the administration has had to walk a tightrope throughout from the beginning of the uprising in egypt. and right now they put so much emphasis on suleiman as a way of trying to get to where they want to be which is to say mubarak stepping out, process and progress made towards a more democratic system. they put a lot of money, a lot of political capital on suleiman and he is turning out to be not necessarily reliable as they
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hoped in terms of helping them along. >> which is why not only they ramped up the pressure with vice president biden but read it out to us to let us know what the vice president said. they are trying to be more explicit about exactly what they are doing, amid some criticism it is uneven. as you point out in your piece, you write, it is really not about us nor is the hard work that lies ahead. work much harder than the removal of a despot, the building of a functioning democracy. here is hoping the aftermath of the crisis proves it definitively. there is a lot of territory to cover between getting from where we are today to the end of this crisis. >> it is true. especially what we are seeing now, it is clear the mubarak regime were hoping they could wait this out and the protesters would splinter and lose energy. the protests are getting bigger,
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there are plans to broaden the protests, to keep having them every tuesday and friday, to go outside of tahir square, up to the steps of parliament, in other cities besides cairo. it doesn't seem like the movement is splintering but gaining momentum. that makes the situation more complicated because the u.s. wants to be on the side of democracy but they are getting pressure from allys to place an important thumb on the scale in terms of stability. it is an incredibly difficult balancing act. you are absolutely right. the focus on structural change to get conditions in place so egypt comes out with a reformed democracy, that the right place. it is hard work to get there over the course of the next few days and weeks and months. >> the white house and the state didn't think the momentum is with the protesters. i want to clean something up. there is controversy and the white house and state department
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fueled this by leading people to believe that frank wisner was, in fact, lobbying for egypt. it turns out he was not. we may have contributed to that confusion. the law firm where he works makes it clear he is not a registered lobbyist. it does say on his website biography he is a lobbyist. the law firm may have done work for egypt in the past. does not currently. the white house and state department getting a lot of criticism for first going with him and then backing off and going into a blame game between the white house and hillary clinton over who didn't know he was a lobbyist. it turns out he hasn't lobbied. it seems unfair to a distinguished diplomat to have -- we all should have checked further as well but there was confusion from his own website. >> it is important to clean that up. you are right, andrea. what made it more complicated is he came back and said the things
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he said about how he thought mubarak should stay in power in the process, that he was not trying to push mubarak out but, in fact, thought mubarak staying in for the next few months was important to stability. that was egg on the face to the administration. a lot of people believed he was sent to get mubarak out. it is important you cleaned it up the way you did. coming up, the controversy at cpac. should gay republicans be excluded from the major conservative convex. tom vilsack on the first lady's campaign to get kids eating healthier school lunches. , with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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snow in sub zero windchills are making life miserable for folks in the southern plains. oklahoma and kansas got buried with a foot of fresh snow today. part of a relentless string of storms to hit the area. these states often go a whole winter without seeing a big snowstorm. they have been hammered. mike seidel is in oklahoma city, oklahoma. mike this is the winter that will not quit. >> reporter: andrea, that's exactly right. this is the second big one in a week out here. we have had 20 inches of snow in northeast parts of oklahoma. in arkansas walmart employees had their first snow day ever. they had as often as 25 inches in the oz arks. little rock is getting hammered. heading into memphis, northern mississippi and alabama. atlanta may get an inch of snow. the other story, temperatures
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bitter cold much like last week. remember the super bowl and issues in dallas. in oklahoma city it is sunny, but 11 degrees at lunchtime. tonight down to zero, tulsa below zero. it looks like the great white north. the sun is coming out and it is helping with the chemicals on the surface. it has been so cold the chemicals haven't worked. but by sunday and monday the southland warms to the 60s and 70s. back to you. >> mike, thanks very much. first lady michelle obama appeared on "today" this morning. let's watch. >> i have seen that positive momentum that people are ready to make some hard changes in their lives in the way we live. we fundamentally started shifting the conversation in this country. >> the first lady's conversation
1:19 pm
with matt lauer is celebrating the one year anniversary of her let's move healthy living campaign to fight childhood obesity. tom vilsack is a key part. thanks for joining us mr. secretary. let's talk about school lunches and what progress has been made in the first year of let's move and what you want to see as you accelerate this program. >> a historic legislation signed by president obama. the first time in 30 years we will have significant improvements to school lunch, expanding school lunch and breakfast opportunities for children and improving nutritional qualities, more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat, less sodium, sugar and fat content. >> there are a number of manufactures who have contributed and have agreed now to cut sodium. have you reached the major manufactures who are providing food for kids in school lunches or do you still have further way
1:20 pm
to go? >> consistent with the dietary guidelines we just announced we will see a significant reduction in sodium. the average american digests a substantially higher amount of sodium per day. we are going down to 3,300 and we are going to work with the food injury to see that happens. aggressive efforts on labeling and giving basic information on the front of packages to make more informed decisions. combine that with what we are doing in schools and the first lady getting people physically active and encouraging that to happen in school as well, it is a good opportunity to get our arms around the obesity epidemic, which is at the heart of concern for america's children. >> the first lady was asked by matt lauer on the "today" show about her own super bowl menu. i wanted to play a little bit of that for you. >> okay. >> i've always talked about balance in this campaign.
1:21 pm
i do talk openly about my obsession with french fries because i want people to understand the changes we have to make in our lives are not whole scale changes. i tell my kid you can have birthday cake and do whatever you want as long as you are eating your vegetables and getting exercise. >> there were chips and wings and a couple of other things on the super bowl menu. the first lady's point is you don't have to be rigid but we have to make sure the right foods are available to kids in schools. >> no question. moderation in all things. an occasional treat is okay. 1/3 of our kids are obese or at risk. it raises national security issues to have young people to draw from for an all volunteer army and educational achievement. many studies show kids concerned about weight or are hungry are
1:22 pm
not the learners god intended them to be. >> mr. secretary, what about the fact that a lot of families can't afford healthy, fresh food. the fast food is cheaper and more accessible, especially for single parents or families with both parents working who don't have time to prepare healthy food. >> let's move initiative is focusing on food deserts. it doesn't have to necessarily be more expensive. we just did a study that perhaps fruits and vegetables can cost 20 cents a cup. it doesn't have to break the bank, but we have to address the issue of food deserts. the first lady set a goal to eliminate food deserts. the u.s. department of agricultural, treasury and health and human services are financing grocery stores in those food desert areas. >> as long as you don't outlaw
1:23 pm
chocolate. promise me that chocolate is healthy. >> again, it certainly is a good treat. we have to be careful about how frequently we have those treats. >> good advice. thank you very much. agriculture secretary tom vilsack on the let's move campaign from the first lady. up next, the president and his faith. some people still aren't believers. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. this is my band from the 80's, looker.
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1:27 pm
these are iowa republicans and he asked them about barack obama who is a christian. and speaks fairly openly about his faith, most recently at that prayer breakfast. let's watch this. >> i believe that barack obama's religious beliefs govern his foreign policy. >> what do you believe his rink believes are? >> i believe le is a muslim. >> wow. you believe he is a muslim? >> yes. >> i don't know what you have to say to people to make them understand the facts, the truth, the birthers and the rest of these people. what does the white house do? does it matter? >> reporter: it is becoming a bigger problem because it is not just iowa. there was a pew research poll that showed the number of people who believe the president is muslim has gone up even among democrats and the number of
1:28 pm
people who believe he is christian has gone down below 50%. it is a problem that they have nationally. what they do about it is always tricky because people practice their faith in their own ways and the president has said he feels like regular attendance at church is so disruptive to the other parishioners of whatever church he might choose he doesn't want to do that. so they practice privately at the white house so there are no photo-opes. what do you do balancing what he wants to do privately with his own faith and a public image problem they might have to deal with in the campaign. it is a tough choice. >> jeanne, this was the president at the prayer breakfast explaining how he feels about his relationship with god. >> my earliest inspirations for life of service ended up being the faith leaders of the civil rights movement. is what led me just a few years
1:29 pm
out of college to sign up as a community organizer for a group of churches on the south side of chicago. and it was through that experience working with pastors and lay people, trying to heal the wounds of hurting neighborhoods that i came to know jesus christ for myself and embrace him as my lord and savior. >> jeanne, that focus group frank luntz did shows how conservative that iowa group is, these are caucus voters. that tells you about the iowa electorate on the republican side as well. >> absolutely. they are very conservative, very religious. we have known that about them for years and nothing has changed. >> jeanne cummings from politico, thank you very much. coming up next, the muslim brotherhood, what is its influence over egypt's future? plus the prime minister and the prostitute.
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topping the headlines on "andrea mitchell reports" three car bombs exploded in kirkuk, killing seven, wounding 70. the latest of attacks on iraqi security forces as u.s. troops prepare to withdraw by the end of the year. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan predicts the taliban will extend an offensive. two nato service members were killed in southern afghanistan today. a new study published in the journal of the medical association say many women in err stages of breast cancer do not need to have their lymph nodes removed.
1:34 pm
it provides no medical advantage. one month after the tucson shooting gabby giffords chief of staff said the congresswoman is speaking, asking for toast this morning. giffords medical team has a major new goal to get her to travel to florida to watch her husband's liftoff, scheduled to launch april 19th. in italy a judge is decided whether or not to indict silvio berlusconi. stephanie gosk is following the story. we have had a lot of scandal but this is getting serious because the court agreed to take the case. >> it is getting serious. the italian prosecutor saying we have enough evidence to skip the preliminary hearing and go straight to the trial.
1:35 pm
they are alleging berlusconi paid for sex with a girl who was 17 at the time. a moroccan bell yy dancer. he denies it. she denies it. and he used his influence to spring her from jail after arrested for shoplifting. the trial could move forward if the judge decides there is enough evidence. it is a part of largers investigation looking into berlusconi's activities. all the details were leaked to the press including his lavish parties where there was drinking and sex and recordings from some of the women at those parties saying they got paid to have sex with berlusconi. andrea? >> stephanie, you can't make it up. thank you very much, i think. members of the muslim
1:36 pm
brotherhood were among the thousands of protesters on the streets of cairo. the islamist group has no intention of using the movement to gain political power. we have a fellow with the american enterprise institute and "nomad" and before that "infidel." great to see you. let's talk about the muslim brotherhood. in your childhood in africa you knew the brotherhood. you have had your own revolution in relationship to muslims. what about the muslim brotherhood in egypt. do yo you believe they will not try to seize power? >> no. i do not believe they will not seek power. the muslim brotherhood's main mission, the very reason for existing is the politicization of islam. they aspire to a society that is governed under islamic law.
1:37 pm
for them to come now and say that they are going to take part in talks but not aspire to what a sharia society is something i don't believe. even if it is true, i still think the secular forces in egypt need to get their act together. they need to have a program that goes beyond getting rid of mubarak. >> you believe -- do you believe the u.s. is underestimating the impact of the brotherhood? there is a secular tradition in egypt. we have seen egypt as the first arab country to make peace with israel and retain and sustain that over 30 years. so egypt has deep roots in these secular traditions. >> egypt has roots with secular tradition. it has secular marxist traditions, a militarist
1:38 pm
tradition. the muslim brotherhood was born in egypt in 1928 and is by far the most successful islamist movement in the world. that is part of the egyptian tradition, culture and identity. egypt has also got group and individuals that are committed to human rights, that are committed to the rule of law and democracy beyond just elections. unfortunately, those groups are not well organized. unfortunately, though groups do not have the same infrastructure, the same civic and economic infrastructure that the brotherhood has and they need to start building that up quickly. that is one thing i think that americans and europeans can help the liberal democrats of egypt with. and that's a long, long, long process. >> something you write about most movingly in "nomad." now out in paperback. thank you very much. >> thank you very much for having me.
1:39 pm
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[ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz. and right now coming out of the white house, john boehner speaking after his lunch. let's watch. >> we need to stop unnecessary
1:41 pm
regulation that's hampering small business ability to hire people. we talked about trade, some place where i think we can find common ground to address the needs of the american people. but it was a very good lunch and we were able to find enough common ground, i think, to show the american people that we're willing to work on their behalf and willing to do it together. >> we did have a fairly robust conversation about the need for all of us to work together to send a signal that we are serious about cutting spending. we had agreement on that. i guess the particulars and the details will be where the disagreements may lie, but we are coming out of the lunch committed to trying to do that because the economy so desperately needs us to work together to send a signal that
1:42 pm
we should start growing together again as america. that is what america does best, innovates and leads. we talked about ways to lay the foundation so entrepreneurs and small businesses can begin to grow again so we can see an economy that will be one that is still here in a very healthy way for our children and theirs. >> i would say the main portion of the entire lunch was talking about the economy. ways that we could grow the economy. a lot to deal with regulation, reform, to unleash those shackles that government holds, especially on small business where 70% of all the jobs are creat created. we looked to places where we could work together on, from jobs to cutting government spending. it was a beginning and a start. we look forward to having the president on his word where we can move legislation, where we can create new jobs in america. >> mr. speaker, can you
1:43 pm
elaborate on what you said about trade. did you reach an agreement on colombia, panama? >> i made it clear the house would like to consider all of these bills. there is a lot of support for south korea. there is quite a bit of support for colombia and panama. and i think it's clear that there is an interest moving all three. i would just hope the sooner the better. >> mr. speaker, you talked about -- >> john boehner, kevin mccarthy, eric cantor coming out of lunch with the president. on the menu, budget cuts, spending, jobs, getting things back economically and trade deals with south korea, panama and colombia. the house will act on those, the senate more problematic. conservatives gearing up for cpac. one of the sponsors of this
1:44 pm
year's group is go proud. some are boycotting the conference as a result. tony perkins is president of the family research council refusing to participate. tony, let's talk about this because we are reaching a point where there has been so much movement, the military, don't ask, don't tell, gay republicans from the cheney family on to other families, some members of the mccain family. why boycott the conservative political action committee you have had such a role in participating in the past. >> we are not boycotting. we have not participated in the last three years because of a leftward drift prior to go proud's involvement, it goes back to those pushing for the expansion of legalized gambling, those pushing for the legalization of drugs. this clearly was one that galvanized opposition to go
1:45 pm
proud -- or to cpac because of go proud. this is not about who should attend or who should speak, it is about who should set the agenda. that is important to note. as a co-sponsor they are part of setting the agenda. it is hard to grasp the idea that those working to redefine marriage can sit at the same table and discuss strategy who those are trying to promote and protect marriage. >> some argue that is a traditional value, marriage is a value the family research council has held dear and this is not a left/right issue. this is an issue that crosses all sorts of party lines. >> the redefinition of family and what it means as all history shows us, marriage between a man and woman is not a debate between true conservatives. the point is those things can be debated in the broader culture. we do it all the time.
1:46 pm
we do it here on msnbc. >> why not do it at the conference? >> this is not a conference where people from the left and right come together. this is where conservatives come together to advance a strategy to move the movement forward. if we are debating what core conservative principles are that have been settled for years there is a broader problem here. that is what the focus is on that somehow cpac lost its way. >> tony, do you think that conservatives who have aspirations for 2012 should not be speaking at cpac? >> no. not necessarily. some are going there to deliver a message that if the conservative movement wants to be successful they can't jetson core conservative principles. you can't comprehend that cpac would allow someone to speak part of the brady campaign that wants to restrict the second amendment. that wouldn't happen. somehow it is okay to have somebody be okay to be part of
1:47 pm
the steering committee who wants to redefine marriage. that is not acceptable. that is the message sent not just by social conservatives but those who understand for the conservative movement to be successful it has to respect core conservative principles each aspect of the movement respects. >> tony perkins, thank you very much. for an entirely different point of view, christopher baron, chairman of go proud. at this stage does cpac lose its influence because of your participate? >> absolutely not. let me start off by saying i feel like bob dole after listening to tony. tony needs to stop lying about our record. he keeps talking about redefining marriage. go proud doesn't have a position on marriage beyond believing that marriage ought to be decided by the states. we prefer it be decided by the people, not through the courts. so he can dress this up all he
1:48 pm
wants and talk about family and redefining marriage, that doesn't have anything to do with it. the bottom line is people like tony perkins are in the industry of demonizing gay people. the reason why tony and the worldnet daily crowd, the extreme fringe of the conservative movement are not participating has nothing to do with policy at all. it is because we happen to be gay. are they going to boycott dick cheney? or ambassador john bolton? who does this litmus test apply to? why does it apply to the people who happen to be gay. it has nothing to do with policy. >> how does this affect the potential candidates many of whom appear at the cpac convention? >> it 1 unfortunate. this ought to be a celebration, a moment for the movement to come forward and celebrate the
1:49 pm
spectacular success in 2010. instead of having this opportunity to celebrate we have people dividing the conservative movement needlessly. go proud never asked for anybody to be excluded even people we might have disagreements with. it is people like tony and the concerned women for america and those folks who have sought to exclude people, created this division, exploited it and go on tv shows like this and talk about the divided conservative movement. we keep saying the conservative movement isn't divided it is united. 99% of the conservative movement is united behind cpac. for the people who are skipping cpac and boycotting it, this is going to be the biggest and best cpac ever. those are the realities. those things speak for themselves. >> christopher barron who speaks for himself as well.
1:50 pm
thank you very much. what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? that is next right here. follow the show online check out this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. [ female announcer ] the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise pain relieving cream. it blocks pain signals fast for relief precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol.
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and new video just in shows just how bad the situation is for drivers in the southern plains today. watch out. this car near guthrie, oklahoma, was struggling to get out of a snow drift, only to be sideswiped by an 1-wheeler. no word on injuries. the driver kept on going. which political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? msnbc contributor chris sa lcil joins us. >> i was stunned into silence
1:54 pm
from that. yes, andrea, as you said the president back on the road again. i'm not going to sing. you can imagine the song. he is back on the road going to the midwest, he's been to michigan, he's been to wisconsin, pennsylvania, upstate new york. what did all those states have in common? is it's that old rust belt, it's that manufacturing belt that was once kind of the backbone of the american economy, has struggled mightily, unemployment rates in those states, obviously we know about the unemployment rate in michigan, wisconsin not great, upstate new york not great, pennsylvania not great. those are areas that the president carried. he won every one of those states that i just named in 2008. those are the states that are going to be, he hopes, in his column again, but he has to convince those people that the economic policies he is putting into place to the talk of green jobs, winning the future, innovating, it's all meant for them and it can work. michigan is a good example. unemployment rate is in the double digits. just a lot of pessimism.
1:55 pm
he needs to try and turn it to optimism before 2012. >> and this is really all about addressing the economy, addressing the rest of the nation as well, but shoring up this core part of the country, as you point out. if he can't do it in the rust belt and in the midwest, then the re-election would be nor naught. so do this and then worry about some of the other border states? >> i was going to say just quickly, look, i think the obama campaign will make a play in north carolina. they will make a play in virginia and indiana. but those are places where once in a generation a democrat wins. maybe he can win again. but plays like michigan, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania, new york, these are -- and new york i think he will win, but those other ones i just named are going to be core competitive that republicans need to take from him if they want to win the white house. >> that does it for us. thank you very much, chris. and that's this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." the president will be on the road tomorrow. and on our show republican
1:56 pm
pollster david winston, and amy kramer of the tea party express. my colleague tamron hall has a look what's next on "news nation." >> hey there, andrea. we'll have more on senator jim webb's big announcement that heal not run for re-election. will the opening give the republicans a clear path to take over the u.s. senate? we'll have more about the president's meeting with house leadership. plus a great update on congresswoman gabrielle giffords's condition. she is speaking and she even made a special request. plus, the tablet wars have officially started. new details on the latest version of apple's ipad. plus, it's competition that's just around the corner. news nation" is minutes away. with all the equipment you use to stay fit, you might want to try lifting one of these. in recent years we've added a unique natural sea salt to over 40 campbell's condensed soups.
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